You might not know this, but your thoughts can severely affect your life. Over time, scientists have measured the vibrations of people’s thoughts, and they have found that positive thoughts like love can vibrate very quickly. On the other hand, thoughts like fear and frustration vibrate very slowly. This phenomenon referred as, “Law of Attraction” explains the connection between your thoughts and life including your financial situation.


In a 2005 issue of the Review of General Psychology, the psychologists did research to determine what contributes to long-term happiness. They revealed that about more than half of our happiness is biological and is determined by a happiness “set point.” Around 50 percent of happiness comes from exercising, building friendships, and setting goals. Your financial situation plays a very meagre role in your happiness. Though it does affect it to a little degree, it’s not the only barometer, as it truly depends on your thoughts towards it. Here are few things that you could do to live a rich life, without spending a penny:

  • Buy more experiences than material goods. The day you buy material goods, it becomes of less worth than you paid for it. On the other hand, the value of experiences gets appreciated as the time goes by. The memories that you create, the vacations, which you take, and times spent with loved ones, tend to become fonder with time.
  • Buy small pleasures instead of a few large ones. People are usually happier with frequent happening of good things instead of erratic doses of them.
  • Use your money to help others. Money donated to charity consistently produces positive feelings. Personal spending has only a small effect on happiness.
  • If you sit around thinking, “I can’t wait to get a new car because I’m embarrassed to drive this one,” you are sending negative vibrations with your thoughts. According to the Law of Attraction, negative, thoughts will just lead to unhappiness. Instead, you need to love your car or anything for that matter. The more you exude appreciation to what you already have, the more likely it will be for you to acquire more.
  • Writing out positive affirmations and repeating them aloud in your mind helps structure your brain in a direction, in this case, positive. If you find people saying that rich people are snobs, repeat a statement saying, “Rich people are generous, and loving people.” Vision boards are helpful too. Get a board and cut out quotes and photos of things you aspire to have or be in life. It can make you feel good and get you excited. Use your positive affirmations and vision board together for maximum positive results.

Charlie Munger said, “The secret to happiness is to lower your expectations”. If you can’t be content with what you presently have, you’ll never lead a rich life, no matter how much money you earn.