Post 2014, YouTube has taken over the digital marketing space by storm and has gained the name for the second largest search engine. Various books written by Jason Miles highlight the importance of YouTube as a popular marketing platform.

YouTube is helpful for small businesses that may use videos to aid their business. Loyal customers can share the brand’s videos through YouTube on their playlists and help spread the news and thus, popularize the brand. Readers may also comment or share the videos as a part of the business strategy, which serve the purpose of reviews encouraging other prospects to purchase/ like the brand too. YouTube helps as an engagement tool and adds value to the brand.

Companies can even customize their YouTube channel by adding unique applications for creating links with other platforms. This not only links the website with top level domains but also allows new YouTube visitors to enter the site and point the link to particular destinations or links within the site. YouTube allows brands to set up their own channels and offer good relationship building suggestions such as hosting contests.

How to Earn Money from YouTube –

YouTube can organize one’s digital marketing efforts to connect with their customer visually. This brings about personal interactions.


Video contents uploaded on YouTube have the potential for full viral access, which can be optimized for sharing and form the starting block for a startup into a full-fledged trendy business. Many young entrepreneurs have adopted various YouTube marketing strategies to kick start their business and brand. Some of these strategies include:

  • Tie up with YouTube Celebrities -Various YouTube users have a large number of subscribers. One may research on such YouTube users who have audiences, which may be interested in the company’s product or service and tie-up with them. Enterprises may offer freebies to such users and have them promote and publicize the product or service.
  • Site Back Linking–Enterprises can invite people back to their websites with links available at the end of the videos thereby, converting YouTube views into website traffic. A clickable link available in the description box of the video can be included.
  • Fill Detailed Descriptions– YouTube has the potential for high search visibility and thus, a detailed description must be given in the empty boxes of the videos with respect to the titles, tags, category, etc.
  • Say a Story–Data visualization and storytelling through pictures and sound on YouTube about the brand has become a new fad in the recent times. One can create a video series featuring customers and the brand’s story and upload the same for sharing and marketing.
  • Highlight Fans With Videos–Companies can ask their fans to provide and post referrals and testimonials in the form of short YouTube videos about their experiences with the brand / product. This adds genuineness to the brand videos.

One can maximize their YouTubeprofile by uploading videos on a weekly basis and gaining more traffic. One can be more prolific with the content amount one puts up to get more visitors.