Hangovers are a physical condition characterised by physical fatigue- often combined with headaches and extreme dehydration which results in the victim feeling drained out and incapacitated. Hangovers may often be accompanied by diarrhoea and an uneasy stomach caused due to excessive consumption of alcohol. Hangovers are usually associated with excessive alcohol consumption, which dehydrates the body and overworks the body’s excretory system including kidneys. Hangovers must be addressed as soon as possible, as prolonged hangover like symptoms may be due to alcohol poisoning. While the symptoms of hangovers differ from person to person, and a common cure to all problems cannot be found, there are several helpful interventions that are commonly used. The following is a list of some helpful measures to deal with hangovers.


  1. Use medication

Paracetamol-based over the counter painkillers that are available commonly in drug-stores can help offer relief from the throbbing headache and the aching muscles. Paracetamol-based painkillers help your body release an excess of anti-toxin chemicals that give you a spurt of energy and boost the blood circulation in your body. This helps to relieve your muscle aches by providing additional oxygen to your tired muscles and pumping in excess blood to your brain helping to relieve the headache. Aspirin-based painkillers are also popularly used as hangover remedies. However aspirin-based painkillers may cause irritation of the stomach prolonging the discomfort in some cases. Make sure that the dosage of the medication that is being used is within the recommended limits.

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  1. Use of anatacid pills

Hangovers are often seen in common with stomach unease caused due to high acidity levels in stomach. Alcohol contains strong acids that increase the pH value of the stomach contents making you feel gaseous and nauseous. The increased acidity levels make make your stomachs highly irritable and sensitive. Antacid pills that are commonly used to provide relief from acidity of the stomach can help you in the case of hangovers as well. Antacid pills usually tend to be based on sodium alginate and potassium bicarbonate which are basic in their chemical valency. These help to reduce the acidity levels in the stomach by lowering the pH values of the stomach contents and actively diluting the acidic contents in the stomach. As with the previous advice for using paracetamol-based painkiller meditation, here as well the dosage used must be within recommended levels and limits, failing which conditions including drug dependency and other complications may arise.


  1. Re-hydrate yourself

The most common cause of hangovers is dehydration. The loss of water content in the body make sit difficult for the bodily systems to perform their routine bodily functions such as waste disposal and cleansing of the body. Inadequate water content in the body also means that water has to be reused by several systems which results in refuse matter being pumped in over and over into the body. The easiest way to rehydrate yourself is to simply consume lots of water after waking up. Make sure that any other liquids that you drink are bland in nature, so that you do not irritate your stomach.