Falling down, getting injured at work, bumping into a desk or some minor accidents are an everyday occurrence and can result in bruises. Whether it is red, blue, black or any other shade, bruising easily or having a bruise is a reminder of the incident. No doubt people would rather have it away with. There are a number of ways you can get relief from the bruise and be done with having to look at the mark and be reminded of the incident over and over again. Quick treatments also help you to decrease enlargement of the bruise and also aids in healing it faster. There are a number of methods you can employ in the comfort of your home or at work to make the bruise go away quicker.

One simple way when considering how to get rid of bruises is to apply a cold compress. The compress can be easily made using a sealed bag containing ice chips or you can place ice in an old piece of cloth and apply to the bruise for the best results. Applying this ice pack every fifteen minutes after each hour to alleviate the pain works well to do away with it. Be careful not to use ice on your bruise for too much time is not wise as it can lead to itchiness which only exacerbates the condition. Additionally be careful to not rub ice around sensitive areas like around the eyes which can cause a lot of discomfort.


Warm compresses are also recommended as a remedy when considering how to get rid of bruises. Warmth helps to accelerate the blood flow when applied for few days immediately after bruising. You merely dip the cloth in warm water, squeeze out the excess and apply it till the cloth cools down. This process should be done multiple times in a day aiding the body in healing the bruise in a quicker manner. An important consideration is to do the massage with the warm compress in a direction away from the bruise than towards it. This will aid the healing process.

Papaya and pineapple are both fruits very rich in antioxidants. One can form a paste and apply the pulp around the blackened region or consume them in more quantities regularly which also strengthens the immune system and aids in a quicker recovery from the bruising that has occurred on the body. Witch hazel another naturally occurring substance is also highly recommended for treating bruised skin. It is also cooling and heals wounds well and has multiple benefits when used to treat bruises. It can be easily obtained at the local chemists or at stores to use on your skin and body. Chamomile, which is a highly soothing substance is an essential oil which is also recommended for treating bruises, this can be combined with witch hazel and water in order to provide significant relief from pain and bruising following an accident.

When resting there are few precautions which can be taken to aid better healing of bruises occurring on the body. Resting like this prevents blood from pooling in the region injured and this can occur even if the region bruised is elevated slightly few inches above the heart.