Love yourself the most in the world and have faith that you have the power to do anything and bring about a change. Positive thinking just does not mean looking at world with rosy eyes but it’s a mental attitude that allows an individual to expect favorable outcomes. Positive thinking not only helps you cope up with the downfall, but it brings about a change in your personality and a change in the way you think.

There is a direct relationship between positive thinking and happiness. A positive thinker is always happy and content because he is grateful enough for all that he has and makes an effort to turn all the situations in his favor.

We have always heard that it’s the thought that counts. Positive thinking can be implied in a similar way. Just a positive thought in the morning and see how your day goes. You need not make a deliberate effort to be a positive thinker. But you must have a desire to be successful because optimism is a key factor in achieving success. Optimist deal with a situation in a different way than the pessimistic. They keep their minds on what they want and make a constant effort to get it. They are clear about their goals and have the belief that they will be able to accomplish them. Optimist are the happy people and they find good in everything. They look for good in every difficulty or problem. Instead of blaming the situation, they think about what could be done to overcome it and what they can learn from it. When you look for something good in a situation, you will find it. And while looking, you will be a more positive and good person.


Difficulties are faced by all but it’s the way you look at it and how you take it. In an accident, two men lost everything they had. One brooded about everything he had lost and the other was grateful to be alive. It’s how you look at something. Remember, you have a choice always; either to stay where you are and keep thinking or move on.

With a positive attitude, we feel happy and content. It brings brightness to your eyes, more energy and happiness. Our whole persona changes and it broadcasts good will, happiness and success. Even our health is affected in a beneficial way. Positive thinking reduces your health costs because you are happy all the time! People are more disposed to positive people and help us and avoid anything that gives out negativity. When you are negative, it releases toxics into your blood which affects your overall health. Even you feel good when you are around optimists. You absorb the zeal they have for work and life. We walk tall, our voice is more powerful, and our body language shows the way we feel.