Static refers the fabrics of a cloth that club together and cause discomfort when wearing these clothes. Static usually occurs as a result of accumulated electric charges. Electric charges usually accumulate as a result of constant friction and abrasion between fibres and clothes. When fibres or clothes rub together they create electric charges that stick to the cloth fibres causing static. This usually happens when clothes are dried together in the drier. Static is not a major problem at all and can be solved easily and effectively in a few quick steps. The following are a couple of helpful suggestions that can help you deal successfully with the menace and threat caused by these static and allergens in your homes and property. Be sure to pass on any tips that you find effective to your friends, family and close relatives who may be facing difficulties along similar lines on account of these static and such.

  1. Adding dryer sheets or dryer balls when machine drying clothes

Throwing in a dryer sheet or adding dryer balls to the bunch of clothes that are being ironed helps to reduce the chances of static clinging onto clothes. Adding a damp wash cloth or towel in the machine dryer when using it to dry clothes can also help to remove static from clothes. A damp wash towel prevents the air inside the dryer from becoming too dry causing static to occur. Dryer balls and dryer sheets help to prevent the friction and contact between different clothes in the dryer.


  1. Using metallic objects to remove static

In case the static cling occurs on the clothes you are wearing, it can be a bit difficult to remove the static. However there are simple solutions available for removing the static in this case as well. Gliding a wire or a hanger made out of metal in between the clothing and the body can help to remove the static. This method helps to attract and neutralise the electric charge that is causing the static.

  1. Using water or lotion

Applying a bit of water or some body lotion on the parts of the body in contact with the static fibre can help to remove static. Water or the lotion contains charged particles that attract and neutralise the charged particles causing the static.