Pinterest is an addiction that makes your browsing experience easier. Imagine you are working on a project and you find really important image on the internet that will help you with your project. What will you do? Will you email it to yourself? Or print it and take care of it with other loads of relevant bundles? Or just bookmark it in your device so that you can search it in need from long lists of bookmarks stored there?

Pinterest is that simple way to compile all your great things you find it from internet. All you have to do is just register yourself on this free website and “pin” things online like you pin on a bulletin board in real life. So, basically pinterest is social media platform based mostly on images.

Apart from using it as a just to pin, one can also utilize pinterest as a marketing tool for their business. As when it comes to marketing, social media has been proved one of the best among the other modes.According to a survey, 43% of pinterest users interact with retailers or brands they like on the site. 70% of pinterest users say they use pinterest for inspiration what to buy. You can also pin your merchandise over pinterest where you get more viewers for your product.


Marketing of products is not just limited to images. One can also upload videos that show the uses of your products which makes consumer feel the necessity of that commodity in their life.Pinterest also has five types of rich pin through which you can add topic-specific details to a pin. Rich-pin includes:

  • Article pins where you can add author, story, description and link
  • Product pins consists of real-time pricing, availability and where to.
  • Recipe pins includes ingredients, cooking time, serve info and other necessary information like extra tips and dos and don’ts
  • Movie pins include ratings, cast members and reviews.
  • Place pins including addresses, phone numbers and maps.

You can use them to give users more relevant information about the pin that interests them.

Pinterest expands the reach of your business and gives your business a good scope of progress.

Here are some tips that help you to maintain good number of customers on pinterest.

  • You can also make good rapport by greeting commenters. You can also invite others to a group board.
  • Try to present your products with relevant facts. This will grab user’s attention.
  • Name the images strategically, which help users to find what they need with ease.
  • Ask your buys to review your products which increase your product value.
  • Write a good business description. Any confusion with the product leads to the loss of the customer.


Never forget, out of sight is out of mind. So start pinning your products and boost your sales with pinterest.