Muffin top refers to the excess amount of fat and cellulite that settles around the stomach and the abdomen region in the case of mildly overweight individuals. It is so named, because the resultant body structure resembles that of a muffin. Muffin top is a particularly difficult weight loss challenge, as the lost weight tends to be added back extremely fast, much to the dismay and the disappointment of the dieting individual. Muffin tops can be successfully eliminated through a combination of proper dieting and exercise- particularly cardiovascular exercise that focusses on strengthening and working the lungs and the heart.

Here are a few helpful tips and suggestions that can help in burning away the muffin top. Also, scroll down to watch an amazing ab workout video and be on your way to the desired six pack.

  1. Diet changes

A proper and balanced diet is the most important element of change to be incorporate in the case of burning away a muffin top. A proper diet regulates the calorie intake of the body and ensures that excess fat and sugars are not consumed. This regulation of fat and sugar consumption helps to prevent further build-up and deposit of fat and cellulite in the abdominal region. The first step of the diet change is to avoid distracted eating to the best of one’s ability. Distracted eating results in eating without being aware or thinking about what is being eaten. Distracted eating increases the risk of over-eating. Limiting portion sizes so that the daily food intake is consumed in small frequent meals also helps in regulating the quantity and the nature of the food that is consumed.

  1. Strictly monitor fat intakes

Excess consumption of fats is the most common and the most potent reason for the accumulation of fat in regions around the abdomen. Fat also increases other health risks such as the chances of heart attack and stroke. A strict watch over the amount of fat consumed must be maintained to ensure that the muffin top is not being actively ‘fed’. This requires cutting down on the consumption of extremely fatty substances such as cakes, meat, fast food and processed foods.

  1. Eliminate excess sugar consumption

Calorie rich foodstuffs such as soft drinks and sweets are another major reason behind the build up of fat and weight around the abdomen region. These excess calories are often found in fruit juices and sodas as well as soft drinks. Avoid the consumption of soft drinks as much as possible, if possible completely eliminate them. Soft drinks add no nutritional content except junk carbs and excess sugar to the body. Consumption of soft drinks also increases the risks of diabetes and heart attack.