Constipation is a physical condition where the stool becomes hard and does not exit from the anus and the rectum. Constipation often occurs due to the deficiency of fibre in  daily diet. Inadequate inclusion of water in the daily diet may also lead to constipation. It can also arise as a result of too little exercise or as a result of the side effect of a number of different drugs. Constipation must be treated and resolved as soon as possible, failing which it may worsen into other conditions such as haemorrhoids. The following are a few helpful tips that can help in resolving the condition of constipation.


  1. Adding more fibre to the diet

The major reason of constipation is the inadequate inclusion of fibrous material in daily diet. Fibre present in stool helps to absorb water content, and to hold it in place thus softening the stool and making its passage along the rectum and anus easy and smooth. Fibres are extremely helpful in the case of haemorrhoids, as they reduce the strain and pressure incident on the bowels. Fibrous diets help to prevent constipation  by ensuring smooth bowel movements and guarantee a healthy excretory system.



  1. Hydrate yourself

Ensure that you increase your daily water consumption to at least 6 litres if you suffer from constipation. Water helps to moisturise your bowel system making it easier for the bowels to push out the stool in your rectum and anus. Adequate hydration also provides relief from the itchiness and the scratchy sensation in the affected region. Water is also absorbed by the stool and helps to soften and fluff up the stool making it able to pass smoothly along the canals of the rectum and the anus. Increased water intake also helps to make up for the loss of blood and fluids that may happen during defecation.


3.Using medications

If the onset of constipation is particularly acute or strenuous, you must consider using medication to seek relief from the constipation. Commonly used medications help to offer relief to your stomach and colon by offering to cleanse them and soother them. These medications usually work by regulating the pH value of the stomach ensuring that a well balanced chemical environment is present in the stomach. These medications are commonly available at all neighbourhood drug-stores. However it must be ensured that the dosages taken are within prescribed lines and limits. Overuse of drugs must be avoided as it may create dependency for your bodily system and your digestive tract, resulting in weakened and over-sensitive gastrointestinal tract.