Double chin refers to a physical condition where a layer of fatty tissue develops under the skin and is often located on or near the chin region. Double chin is usually caused as a result of obesity or general overweight. Sagging skin is also possibly caused as a result of ageing and the inherent loss of skin’s elasticity. Double chin and the accompanying sagging of the skin may also be caused as a result of genetic predisposition, although in extremely rare cases- and even in those cases this can be prevented and controlled using a healthy diet and regular focussed exercise. Regular exercise helps to burn excess fat that might otherwise be deposited in sensitive regions of the body such as the soft skin surrounding the throat or the neck region. The following are a couple of helpful suggestions that can help you deal successfully with the any sagging of the skin caused as a result of double chin. Be sure to pass on any tips that you find effective to your friends, family and close relatives who may be suffering double chin and its aftermath of sagging and loose skin.


  1. Chewing sugar free gum

To control and to prevent the occurrence of a double chin, it is essential to provide regular exercise and activity to the facial and the jaw muscles of the face. Keeping these muscles and tissues well toned and exercised helps to prevent and avoid the onset of double chins. One of the best ways to provide and incorporate such exercise into your daily routine is to chew gum. Chewing such sugar free gum helps to reduce the chances of double chin and to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Chewing sugar free gum several times a day can help to reduce and to burn any double chin drastically and rapidly.


  1. Applying Cocoa Butter

Using cocoa butter regularly helps to improve the elasticity of skin thereby reducing the chances and the probability of an onset of double chin. Cocoa butter is applied after gently heating the butter and latter massaging it gently into the skin around the target areas. The butter is applied usually before a bath either in the morning or in the evening. Cocoa butter contains nourishing nutrients and oil that helps the skin to retain and regain its elasticity and its youthful texture.


  1. Performing regular chin exercises

Chin exercises can help to provide activity and rigorous exercise to the skin and tissue around the neck and chin area. These exercises also help to strengthen the chin muscles and to relieve it of extreme stress and stiffness. These exercises also help to strengthen the muscles surrounding the neck and the throat. Several of these exercises also help to strengthen the spine and the spinal column. Performing these exercising regularly helps to develop strength and endurance of the neck and the throat region. Chin are great addition to the exercises that help to develop the strength and flexibility of chin and neck muscles.