Everyone has a right to speak and raise the opinion! Especially, in this era, where the youth of 2015 has tremendous general awareness. With an internet as necessary as your daily chores, it is easier for an individual to reach to the masses and express his/her views on the web based platform. Such platforms which allow the users to publish their blogs are called as Blog Publishing Websites. Some of the very famous Blogging platforms or websites are Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress. These platforms are interactive and allow the users to post or leave the comments on the published blog, which makes it conversational and users can share their viewpoints.

Blogging gained its mainstream popularity by 2004 as the individuals, politicians, news services, and celebrities started using posting their views (in the form of blogs on the blogging platforms). There are several websites which support free blogging:


  1. Blogger: This is the most famous platform for the blogging, which was bought by Google in 2003 from Pyra labs, its creators. It also provides the subdomain like blogspot.com. In Blogger, a user can post up to 100 blogs. Blogger is available in about 60 different languages, which also include Tonga, Nepali and Arabic. Blogger allows the user to post blogs and add their locations via GEOTAGGING service. Google also offers an app for the Blogger Platform on the two major operating systems, iOS and Android so that the blog lovers can publish their blogs from anywhere!
  2. com: This is another Blog hosting service provider and is owned by the firm called Automattic. In September, 2010, Microsoft’s blogging service got closed and was completely merged with WordPress for the further blogging procedures. However, the popularity is little lesser when compared with Google’s Blogger as the users usually see the banner ads while writing and posting their blogs. However, the blog writers can opt for the premium services and choose to remove the banner ads.
  3. Microblogging Websites: Social networking sites like Twitter and Tumblr are very popular and are in the mainstream in terms of the blogging, as the users can post the microblogs (the shorter versions of the blogs as the content is shorter). Twitter hosts largest microbloggers from all over the globe. Celebrities, politicians, sportspersons, and other prominent figures have registered themselves on the Twitter account and keep the trend of microblogging in the mainstream.


The blogs can be personal (published by an individual): just like in the form of a diary entry, collaborative/group blogs, where the publishers are more than one and have single and unified viewpoint. Then there are blogs, which are used for the corporate and business purposes and integrated with the companies’ owned websites. These verified blogs are done for the promotional activity like branding and building public relations. The publicists can simply register and sign in to these Blog Hosting Websites, create their profile and can simply start publishing their blogs and reach to the masses with their blogs!