Having an unsightly mole on your face or body can make you less confident about your big occasions. Most moles are harmless but most people tend to find them less than attractive and wish to be rid of them once and for all. Medically, moles are called melanocytic nevi and may be brown, flesh colored, black colored spots occurring on the skin due to accumulation of the skin pigment producing melanocytes in that particular area. Generally these appear by the age of 20 or 30 and may be raised or flat, smooth or rough and with hair or without hair. A number of factors affect the occurrence of moles with greater frequency including sunlight exposure, genetics, and changes in bodily hormone production.

There are many different home remedies for tackling moles but first and foremost, do consult a dermatologist if they are occurring frequently and ascertain that the moles are not posing any health risk to you. If they are, an immediate surgical removal may be necessary. For non-malignant moles, one can try a variety of home remedies listed below.

Grapefruit extract: Grapefruit is rich in vitamin E and flavonoids and is a good home remedy if you are wondering how to get rid of moles. You can combine a drop of grapefruit extracts regularly every day and cover the mole with guaze for few hours. A part of grapefruit extract with 10 parts avocado oil can also be used to create a tincture that can be applied for 10-15 minutes daily till the mole is gone.


Onion juice is also recommended by many people who have researched how to get rid of moles. One can extract the juice of onions and leave it on the affected area for 30 minutes and then wash. Doing this three times a day and for a period of three weeks has shown good results for many.

You can also make a tincture with equal parts onion juice and good grade apple cider vinegar and apply it for 15 minutes daily to achieve the desired results. An astringent essential oil frankincense is also recommended for mole removal. Adding eight teaspoons of olive oil to this essential oil and dabbing it on the mole for a few hours for a period of weeks can help to get rid of these blemishes. Remember to do this process until the scar of the mole has also been completely obliterated.

Aloe vera is also a recommended substance for mole removal and lightening. Fresh aloe vera gel can be applied and secured with a bandage. It can then be left on for three to four hours to allow absorption and doing this procedure for a month is a good way to remove the mole completely.

With any of these home remedies, be careful to only apply small quantities. Be certain that you aren’t allergic or having an adverse reaction to any of these in order to achieve the best results. This will ensure that you do not end up with skin rashes or other adverse reactions.