Shaving is one of the quickest and the most affordable way that most of us would consider to get rid of our unwanted hair, but despite the number of benefits of it, there could be one drawback that people are worried about and it is the razor burn. According to Wikipedia, a razor burn is commonly defined as an irritation of skin that occurs as soon as you have shaved a certain area in your body. This causes burning sensations and would typically look like a red rash. There are times that it could be swollen and itchy as well. Hair clippers is a tool that is often used to cut longer hair. If you have a beard that has grown too long, then using a trimmer on it may take a lot of time. In such cases, clippers are beneficial. Some of the best hair clippers for men in the market come with a lot of attachments.

The Different Causes of Razor Burns

How to Get Rid of Razor Burn
Actually, razor burn would be really common to men who are shaving their face more often. But, women might possibly have razor burn when they are shaving their armpits and even their legs. There are different causes of razor burns which you have to know about and those could be the following below:

Using dull blade when saving

Using hard and harmful soap

Shaving your skin while it is dry

The skin is unconditioned

The skin is extremely sensitive

There are also other causes of razor burns that you can note and it is best if you are going to consult your doctor when it comes to this. Even though it may seem a small problem, getting the right prescription of the doctor is still ideal.

The Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Razor Burn
Razor burn might possibly cause discomfort to the area of your skin but there is nothing for you to worry about that as you can easily learn how to get rid of razor burn from a number of people out there or even with the use of this article. The following below are the top home remedies that you can make use to get rid and treat your razor burns:

Doing Cold Compress

How to Get Rid of Razor Burn
This is a very effective and easiest way to get a quick relief as you experience the burning sensation of the razor burns. It could help to soothe the area on where the skin burn is and also reduce the inflammation you are feeling. This may also help you to reduce the itching and the redness of it. This could also be used in order for you to prevent the formation of the razor bumps. To use this, make sure to note the following things below:

Wrap a number of ice cubes in your towel. Put the towel with ice cubes in your razor burns and let it stay for about five minutes.

You can splash and put cold water in the area and feel the coldness of it.

You can also try to soak the affected area in very cold water for few minutes until you feel that the soreness and swelling is subsiding.

Using the Apple Cider Vinegar

The razor burns could also be treated easily with the use of the apple cider vinegar. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that could work in order to reduce the inflammation and the itching sensations that you are feeling. It also has the acetic acid which could be responsible in preventing the infection to become worst.

Pat a small cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar and put it within the affected area on your skin.

Make sure that you will let it stay for few minutes and be dried through the air.

Once it is already dry, you can wash it off with the use of the water.

It is recommended for you to continue doing it for about two or three times per day until the burning sensations stops.

Note: If you have a sensitive skin, it is recommended for you to mix the apple cider vinegar with water as it could burn the area even more because of its strong properties.

Making an Aspirin Paste

How to Get Rid of Razor Burn
Another easy way that you can consider is making an aspirin paste. The aspirin could easily get rid of your razor urns and it also has anti-inflammatory properties that could help you out in reducing inflammation and redness at the same time. To make this, please follow the steps below:

Get a teaspoon of warm water and put two aspirins on it.

Let the aspirin melt for about some time until it turned out like a paste.

Rub the aspirin paste on your skin and leave it for about 10 minutes.

After that, you have to wash it using lukewarm water.

This is ideal to be done for about twice a day until you do not feel the sensation of it. This could also help you to prevent the razor bumps to form in the skin.

Note: If you have a very sensitive skin, then this is not something that you can do as it could cause more inflammation to your skin.

Using Aloe Vera Gel

How to Get Rid of Razor Burn
We all know that the Aloe Vera is being used as medications to different kinds of skin problems for the past years and this could also a great option for you to use when it comes to your razor burns. It could provide cooling feeling effect that would sooth the burning sensation you are having and also the inflammation of it.

The Aloe Vera would also keep your skin moisturized and would speed up the healing process of it. If you are using the Aloe Vera gel, follow the simple instructions provided for you below:

Get the fresh gel from the Aloe Vera leaf

Rub the gel that you have got on the affected skin

Wait until the gel is dried up on its own on your skin and then rinse it off with tap water

Do it twice a day or even a week depending on your choice or until razor burns are slowly fading away.

Those are only some of the most common home remedies that you can do but if you have more to share with us or you have questions in your mind then feel free to leave a comment below.