I once read that meditation is like a hug to ourselves. With meditation, you become more you, as you unlock the door to your subconscious mind. And in that hidden realm, lies the power and strength to build a life that you truly desire.

The benefits of mediation are countless. It doesn’t just work on the mind, but gives immense physical benefits as well. Let us begin by enumerating the mental benefits of meditation, the most obvious ones.

Meditation promotes healing. It gives us time to introspect and it helps us conquer our inner demons. It makes us calmer, helps us get rid of the negativity within and around us and gives us a new, positive eye to view the world, making us happier individuals. With the regular practice of meditation, mentally you will be benefitted in the following ways:


  1. Focus span increases greatly. While you sit to meditate, you are required to focus your energy on your breathing and try and clear your mind. This increases your attention span and this new found quality can then be extended to the other spheres of your life, helping you perform better in your work, studies or even athletics.
  2. Meditation makes the mind calmer that gives you the clarity to think. We have a lot of inputs throughout the day that our mind needs to process. Sometimes when our mind is clouded with emotions, our judgment is impaired. With meditation, we clear our mind to be able to think rationally and thus make the right decisions. This way, emotional stability also increases greatly.
  3. The practice of meditation regularly keeps our anxiety and stress levels in check. We tend to channelize our focus on only the things that matter, since our mind is clear and calm. This helps us get rid of unwanted thoughts and negative feelings. Since we are not unduly stressed, we perform better.
  4. Lastly I can say that with meditation, as we broaden our horizons and tap into our subconscious, our creativity increases. We use a very small percentage of our brain daily, with meditation, this percentage increases and we come up with innovative and better ideas and ingenuity increases.

While most of us already have an idea about the above-mentioned benefits, meditation has a lot of physical benefits as well, which may be slightly lesser known.

  1. Meditation lowers the level of blood lactate in our body, which is one of the causes of anxiety attacks. Therefore, meditation lowers the risk of anxiety attacks.
  2. It also lowers the risk of high blood pressure, since it calms the brain down which in turn, relaxes the body.
  3. Meditation works greatly on the immune system, highly increasing our immunity and lowering the risk of diseases.
  4. It also helps decrease any tension related pain, like headaches, ulcers, muscle and joint problems and insomnia as meditation helps relieve stress.
  5. It also increases serotonin production in the body which improves mood and behavior.

Lastly, meditation helps us tap into our inner energy reservoir and makes us feel more energetic and enthusiastic and keeps us active for longer durations.