Google Plus or Google + is a social media networking website owned and operated by Google. Google Plus was launched in the year 2011 and saw an exponential growth in its initial years of the launching. After Orkut (which recently got shut due to constantly decreasing user base), Google launched its Google Plus social networking platform in which the users can directly register from their Gmail account. All the chats and Gmail contacts are already synced with Google Plus, once the user signs in. The largest user base of Google Plus is of Males ranging from the age group of 24-36, which still puts this platform in a developing and a growth stage. Overall, there are somewhere around 300 million users on this networking site, after the 4 years of its launch.

Google Plus allows its users to share and post the pictures, update their status, join interest-based communities and stream the videos as well. One of the core features of Google Plus, is Circles: Which is a group of contact or friend list, categorized by the user as Family, Friends, Colleagues or Relatives. The user can choose to share and restrict his posts or updates depending on these circles or friend list base. The most interesting part is that the users can simply drag-and-drop the contact across all the Google products and services to the Google Plus Circles. The other feature includes Google Hangouts, which is a free online video conference call service that can support up to 10 people in one call.  The identity service given by Google to the Google Plus users is such that the same account can be used to identify the user over YouTube, Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Voice and all the other products and services offered by Google. The other features include +1 button (which is similar to “Like” button in Facebook), Hashtags supporting the hot and trending topics of discussion worldwide and uploading the photo album over the site through mobile. The Google Plus app is also available over Google Play store and Apple’s iOS.


Google Plus also allows the users to set their locations, which is determined by Google Latitude (Google’s Location aware feature) by simply using the GPS on the mobile devices. Also, the Google Plus has a feature of having “Verified” profiles of the selected public figures. Google has enabled this service to make sure to avoid any fake public profiles under the same name of that public figure. Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin are few of the examples which bear the checkmark of the Google Plus certified badge on their profiles. This allows the user to follow their public figure without any doubt of the profile being a fake or fraud. One of the other features is the Collection Tools which has been offered by Google Plus just like Pinterest. This feature enables users to upload the content collections based on the interest, topics or community.

Google Plus is also a multilingual social networking site which has a slogan, “Let’s Meet Here”!