Social media and digital marketing has become almost like science. Everything thing is carefully thought and for a specific purpose. Nothing is felt to chance in the online, social media world. Every video, GIF, Vine, or a comment that we can see online, on social media is most probably somewhere, some ones, social media’s marketing strategy.

Social media in today’s world has gained so much prominence, but has, however had a very innocent start. None of the social media platform were planned to be a marketing tool. Platforms like Facebook were created to be a place to make friends. YouTube, yet another social media platform was created to be a source of sharing homemade videos for people. In fact, even Google initially started as a means to an end only. But with the kind of reach that these platforms have it was inevitable that they would turn into the marketing tool eventually.

The internet till date is perhaps the most powerful phenomenon that of any generation known. While this phenomenon was taking root, most of us chose to engage with it, but there were few who more perceptive than others who saw that the true potential of the internet and the growing social media.

The growing phenomenon of social media has entered the mainstream for quite some time now. This has resulted in the optimum utilization of networks of Twitter and Facebook for in respect to marketing which has virtually exploded. Though social media offer tremendous opportunity for marketing, but focusing solely on marketing could be limiting. Social Media has much more possibilities which include driving in customer’s loyalty.


Perspective marketers have always been aware about customer’s loyalty being established and re-established through every interaction a brand exchanges with them. These interactions are referred to as touch points, which are essential to build and maintain a strong brand-customer relationship. Brand’s every interaction with their customers gives them the opportunity to strengthen the customer’s satisfaction which they may have experienced during previous interactions, in turn strengthening brand-loyalty. For this social media can provide ideal platforms.

It has been observed that only 20 percent of CMOs leverage social networks to engage customers. Social media is as an active place for conversation, through which the brands have an unmatched chance to assist and interact with customers. These platforms do not only contribute to giving a sense of loyalty to current customers, but a strong social presence also helps to attract recommendations, drawing in more business.

The trick to build customer loyalty is to create wide-range customer experiences. Vigorous brand experience doesn’t let customers think of venturing anywhere else when they are done with their latest purchase.

A brand’s goal is to drive in followers, but Relationships are a two-way street. But in order to gain, give! For example, like the photos your followers share on their social media accounts. In a mutually beneficial exchange, there is a high chance of followers sharing the content. There are hordes of strategies that social media can offer to brands irrespective of sizes and the form of industry.