Allergies are considered to be one of the greatest fears of mothers in the modern era. Allergies are in today’s world present and applicable for any and every natural or food product that is around. Popular depictions of allergy in movies and TV, particularly that of peanut allergy has increased the concern and fear of parents and guardians. Parents do not allow their children to eat out or to play or spend time outdoors for fear of allergic episodes.

Allergies are a natural response of the human bodies immune system when exposed to natural substances containing allergen. Allergen refers to the compounds and the chemical substances that are responsible for allergic reactions and episodes in human beings. Allergen is usually contained in pollen from trees, grass, weeds or mold. These sources along with other few are extremely potent and prolific sources of allergen and allergy inducing compounds. Allergies are not something to be afraid of or to live in fear from. Allergies can be successfully managed and a beautiful and a fully functional life can be created and lived despite allergies and allergy inducing compounds all around. Several innovative medical research studies are being conducted everyday to reach the root causes of allergy causing compounds and bodily reactions. The following are a couple of helpful suggestions that can help you deal successfully with the menace and threat caused by these allergies and allergens in your homes and property. Be sure to pass on any tips that you find effective to your friends, family and close relatives who may be facing difficulties along similar lines on account of these allergies and such.

1.Stay clear of pollen

Among the most common, widespread and potent allergen and allergen containing substances is Pollen. Pollen is the fine powdery substance that is found on flowers, plants and fruits. Pollen contains concentrated deposits of allergen, as these substances help the flowering plants to keep pests away. When pollen comes in contact with the body, or is inhaled through the nose, the allergen contained in the pollen is released. The released allergen reacts with the immune system and the resultant reaction is visible as the allergic reaction. Avoiding contact with pollen can help to reduce the risk of allergies to a large extent.


  1. Use a dust mask when working outside

A common means of coming in contact with pollen and other allergen carrying materials is through inhalation. Allergic episodes caused by inhaled allergen can be more serious and threatening, not to mention longer lasting than other episodes. This is because when allergens are inhaled they are injected directly into the blood stream resulting in the rapid flooding of lymphatic system with anti-allergen compounds. Use of a dust mask while working outside, particularity among fruits and flowers can help to reduce the risk of allergies.

  1. Clean the whole household

Allergen deposits may often form in the corners and the crevices of the house. This increases the risk of an accidental interaction with the allergen resulting in rapid allergic reaction. Keeping the house clean by vacuuming it regularly can help tor educe the risk of allergies.