When summer comes around, a number of people experience various concerns with pests and infestations. One of the common ones occurring in every home is that of sugar ants. There will often be long trails of them leading into crevices or under doors and frankly they are quite nice to see but an inconvenience nevertheless. This brings us to the question, how to get rid of sugar ants. You can try a number of simple methods to tackle this problem, the first of which is to make your house inhospitable by cutting off the food supply and cleaning up in a big way. Eliminating damp spots is also an integral step. Spaces behind your wash basis which is damp, or other regions like beneath your sink are all that need to be cleaned and kept dry. Make sure you regularly clean up any waste and also keep the sink area where you do dishes clean and free of food particles, debris of food etc. Make sure you use a strong garbage bag and one that is devoid of leaks to avoid attracting these little soldiers.

Regular swabbing and sweeping are also important in deterring sugar ants which often try to follow a trail of pheromones to rediscover their path. A number of substances like boric acid are also useful in treating and getting rid of sugar ants. When setting a trap for sugar ants, use a cotton swab dipped in honey or maple syrup which is highly attractive to them and dip the same bud in a solution of boric acid powder. This will effectively gather the ants, when placed in a box and you will only have dead remains to be rid of the next day.


One method involves mixing up white and dark vinegar and also apple cider vinegar. These are mixed with black pepper and sprinkled along the ant trial. This also prevents re-entry of the ants into your home the next time around. In jars of sugar, leave some cloves. It is a good way to keep the ants from raiding your food to add this spice. Bay leaf is another spice that works well to deter sugar ants from raiding your food. Sweeping and cleaning floors and windows with kerosene or vinegar also prevents re-entry of sugar ants. Be careful to use this method after you have killed or rid your home of the ants in the first place or it will simply be a deterrent to chasing them out.

Some plants with a strong odour also serves to repel these sugar ants. One variant that works well is mint. You can also try the chilli pepper plants which also have a similar effect on them. If you have an infestation in areas outside your home like a storage shed, spreading diatomaceous earth is a good solution. The diatomaceous earth chosen should be of good quality and it should not be the pool grade one. This will in addition contain other insects like ticks, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs etc. The diatomaceous earth contains microorganisms which ravenously eat these insects and it is an effective and recommended solution for those considering how to get rid of sugar ants.