Yeast is a fungus that normally lives in the vagina in small numbers. A yeast infection is categorized by the large growth of these yeast cells. Bacteria, called lactobacillus acidophilus, helps maintain the growth of these yeast cells. A misbalance of lactobacillus, leads to the excessive growth of yeast which can cause a yeast infection. It is absolutely normal to develop a vaginal yeast infection, and at some point of her life every woman has had a vaginal yeast infection.

Certain life events like pregnancy, diabetes or HIV infection can cause it. Sometimes intake of anti-biotic can also cause a yeast infection. If you develop a yeast infection, you will experience extremely uncomfortable itching, burning and pain, soreness in the vagina and sometimes causes pain when you pee.


A simple yeast infection can be treated by:

  • Anti fungal medication which may include an anti-fungal ointment, tablet or suppository. Before applying an anti-fungal cream, make sure that your cream is particularly marketed to treat a yeast infection. Other anti- fungal creams may not be safe to use around the vaginal area. Besides applying an anti-fungal cream, also apply an anti-itch cream to reduce the discomfort and unbearable itching. An anti-itch cream should only be applied around the vulva and nowhere else.
  • Organic plain yogurt– yogurt has an abundance of lactobacillus, which can restore the pH balance in your vagina. It is an easy and extremely effective remedy to cure the yeast infection. Apply one to two tablespoons of unsweetened yogurt in your vagina and stay put for a few hours before washing. If you feel uneasy in applying it with your hands, you can insert a tampon soaked in yogurt for two hours.
  • Organic tea tree oil– tea tree oil is a natural fungal remover. Put a few drops of organic tea tree oil on a tampon and insert it for no more than four hours. Try this for a couple of days to ease the symptoms.
  • Oregano oil– organic oil helps reduce the yeast infections. Place nine drops in a capsule and swallow it post-prandial , on full stomach.
  • Cloves of garlic– garlic has anti-fungal properties that are capable of killing the infection causing yeast and is also a well known anti-bacterial and natural anti-biotic. Eat a few fresh garlic cloves once in a day till you feel relieved from the symptoms.
  • Imbibe cranberry juice– cranberries lower the pH of the urine and when it passes through the infected vaginal area, it changes the overall pH balance of your vagina to the normal levels. Drink around 250ml of cranberry juice several times a day to ease the symptoms.
  • Avoid using harsh feminine products as they strip the natural protective oils that prevent the formation of yeast. Use organic hygiene products instead.

To prevent the occurrence of yeast infection in sometime future, follow some preventive measures like:

  • Avoid wearing tight pants or underpants.
  • Do not sit around in wet clothing.
  • Do not use deodorant tampons.
  • Eat lots of yogurt.