Warts are unseemly, embarrassing and sometimes painful growths on the skin. Here’s how you eliminate them at home.

A wart is an awful thing – it appears on the skin and is extremely stubborn. Most people are not even aware of the fact that warts are a topical skin condition that is actually a manifestation of the HPV (Human Pappilloma Virus) which lurks and attacks the skin’s upper layer. You are more likely to develop warts if your immune system is weakened owing to recent illness or if it is compromised due to another reason such as ingestion of antibiotics over a long time.

However, you can easily treat your condition at home, provided your warts are not painful to the touch or oozing pus. Normally, most warts sit painlessly on the skin, but if you feel discomfort or you notice that the numbers of warts are increasing in a certain area of your skin or a certain area of the body, you must visit a skin specialist at once.

Here’s how you get rid of them

To remove warts, try these tips at home:

  1. Starve the wart. This trick is useful for warts that have a narrow girth at the base, or for pointed warts. Take a single long, thick hair and hold one end in your left hand. Now tightly twine the rest of the hair around the base of the wart. Once you have ‘tied’ up the wart (don’t use the entire hair) knot the remaining end of the hair with the end in your left hand. Cover the area with a band-aid and remove it after two or three days. This procedure curtails blood supply to the wart, thus starving it. Once you remove the band-aid after three days, the weakened wart will fall off naturally.
  2. Starve the virus. As mentioned earlier, warts are the result of the HPV virus, which can be stopped in its tracks with home medicine. Take a few drops of fresh lemon juice (use young lemons) and add a pinch of table salt. Now apply this mixture to the wart. The acidic content of the lemon juice combined with the salt with dehydrate the virus and the wart will soon begin to subside. You can continue applying this paste for a few days after the wart has gone so that the HPV is completely cleared.
  3. Pain medication will help. Some people suffer from recurring, painless warts that are more like flat growths on the skin’s surface. These tend to occur in the folds of skin between the toes and fingers, or even other areas like the groin, arm pits and the under-breast. Take an Aspirin tablet or a Vitamin C tablet, grind it in a few drops of water or orange juice, and apply the paste to the affected area. Similarly, you can try a paste made of soda bicarb, salt and hydrogen peroxide directly to the warts to dry them out.