When considering skin blemishes like warts, people are often disturbed about them and wish to be rid of them at the earliest. Considering a surgical option isn’t very appealing to many and most people look at natural remedies that will dry it out and remove it completely over time. These raised bumps on the skin are generally caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). A number of treatment methods are used by people, some of which are more effective based on the type of wart and also skin type. Consider trying these home remedies if you have been struggling with the question “How to get rid of warts?”. One of the recommended methods is to cut a sliver of garlic about the shape and size of the wart and to use duct or masking tape to hold it on the wart. Use this 15 minutes daily and the wart will eventually grow smaller and fall off over time. Some people have also recommended using coconut oil and then holding it in place with a band-aid till the wart falls off by itself.

Epsom salt soaks and also using salicylic acid purchased over the counter is a good way to consider for warts. Salicylic acid pushes the wart out and in three weeks you can be completely rid of it and be wart free. Topical applications for wart removal include items like squaric acid which works when applied regularly and sealed over a period of time. Warts usually go away on their own. But they can spread over your body and salicylic patches are also available in drugstores to treat them effectively. Make sure to use precautions when removing warts such as not picking at them which can spread them and also cover it with a bandage after applying the remedy. Wear shower flip flops and keep the area with the wart dry. Warts grow more and spread when your skin is damp so be sure to keep the area and other parts of skin dry after a shower as a precautionary measure.

Certain warts may require more than one type of treatment. Sometimes using multiple treatment methods is effective and a shot of anaesthetic may be used if you go to a dermatologist to cut or surgically remove it. Problems with surgical removal include scarring which needs to be dealt with separately hence most people prefer to go the non-surgical route which is less cumbersome and cleaner. When using over the counter wart medication be sure to use the right quantity and concentration as it can lead to skin complaints like rashes or burns. Soaking in baking soda, vitamin C are all options which people have recommended and found to be fruitful in some cases. Castor oil is also a substance that is acidic in nature which is used to irritate the wart and treat it. Lemon juice may also be squeezed on the wart and covered up to also effectively treat it. Pineapple juice which contains a dissolving enzyme may also be used to treat warts.