Warts are ugly marks caused by HPV or the Human Papilloma Virus. Because warts are caused by a virus, the more the virus spreads, the more warts will cover your body. If you want to get rid of warts for good, then you should do your research on it, from books to blogs and how-to guides like this one. Most of the time, they also include tips and tricks on skin tags, moles, and canker sore removal, among other things.

When it comes to how to get rid of warts, there’s actually a multitude of simple, natural ingredients available that can remove the infection that’s causing the formation of these imperfections on your otherwise flawless skin. Warts have a tendency to appear, disappear, and reappear at unexpected times and in a spontaneous fashion.

The Bottom Line of Warts Removal

how to get rid of warts

  1. Treat the Disease, Not the Symptom: You should learn that the key to warts removal is HPV removal. Immune boosters and whatnot can help. Like with polio, there’s also an HPV vaccine in existence so that you won’t get warts any longer because you’re immune to it. That’s one particularly effective way of avoiding HPV infection before it even happens. Girls and boys aged 11 to 12 years are usually the ones who get vaccinated with HPV vaccine as well as anyone from teens to adults as old as 21 for men and 26 for women.
  1. What’s the Deal with Warts? They tend to come and go in a spontaneous manner, as viral symptoms are wont to do. Once you already have warts, it’s important for wart sufferer to review the many different remedies available, from homebrew remedies with questionable medical value to actual drugs and supplements recognized by the FDA. Then again, as always, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. A vaccine or better hygiene really does do the trick, although the allegation of frogs causing warts is indeed a myth.
  1. Become Wart-Free with the Use of Garlic Capsules: If you want to become wart-free, then you should definitely take garlic pills or capsules. Consuming these twice a day for at least two weeks has shown that warts tend to dry out and disappear with an increase of garlic in your diet and your system. Warts are the symptoms and consequences of being infected with HPV, and garlic has some anti-viral components to it, thus helping eliminate warts along with the HPV that caused it. Garlic is one of the more effective enemies of HPV, making it almost vampire-like.
  1. Can Duct Tape Get Rid of Warts? Garlic capsule consumption is a preferred method of wart removal because anyone can consume garlic pills that are available in many grocery stores as an over-the-counter supplement (meaning it doesn’t require a prescription). However, if you want to do things the hard way with moderate pain involved, then you could use duct tape to remove warts. It’s simple: Put the duct tape on the wart, wait for a day, and peel it off along with the offending wart. Pulling at it also results in peeling off some of the layers of tissue found on the wart. The more you peel, the more you remove.
  1. Avoid Picking on the Wart and Observe Proper Hygiene: Don’t pick on the wart, this aggravates it and makes it worse, like picking on an open wound. What’s more, warts are contagious because they’re viral in nature. They can spread to others through your fingers. The more you play with your wart, the more risk you’ll have of developing other warts in other parts of your body, including your hands and arms. Be clean and hygienic. Avoid touching people so freely and wash your hands constantly. Same with sex; wear protection to prevent genital warts development.
  1. Future Wart Prevention and Elimination: As already mentioned, your best bet when it comes to HPV prevention is by getting an HPV vaccine. You should also pay attention to what you’re doing and avoid being so touchy-feely. Being dirty or not taking as many baths as possible can also lead to quick wart formation. They will keep coming back and not give you a single day of peace of mind if you pick on warts, touch yourself all over with HPV-infected hands that you don’t bother to wash or even disinfect with hand sanitizer, and any number of other bad practices.
  1. Vitamin A Can Also Boost Your Immune System: Get some Vitamin A into your body in order to effectively remove HPV in your body. Like garlic pills, Vitamin A can keep HPV from replicating inside your body and manifesting itself in the form of wart formation. It gives you that much-needed immune system boost so that your white blood cells can go on search and destroy mode when it comes to wart removal. This human nutrient is particularly effective when applied directly to warts in the form of fish-liver oil or fish oil. It stops the occurrence of rough and dry skin.
  1. Moisturizer and Good Dermatological Care: Warts are primarily a skin problem, which means that aside from dealing with the root of the problem, the affected skin should also be treated carefully. To be more specific, wart outbreaks happen on rough and dry skin, so one way for wart sufferers to survive a wart infestation is to apply moisturizer and take good care of their skin. Aside from observing good hygiene practices as mentioned earlier, you should apply some topical agents like tea tree oil and Aloe Vera on your skin to make it healthier, smooth, and less prone to warts.
  1. Genital Warts Can Be Removed with ImiquiMod: The genital wart is a little more embarrassing than your average body or facial wart because they occur on a sensitive part of your body. To get rid of genital warts specifically, ask your healthcare expert or physician to prescribe to you ImiquiMod, which is a topical cream that can boost your immune system and can specifically deal with HPV near your genitals. It targets the area where the HPV is as soon as you apply it on the affected genital. You can even supplement your genital wart cream usage with some garlic pills and good hygiene to make sure that these warts won’t ever come back.

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