You may have heard about QR codes. And you want to know more about that. Well this is the right place. This piece of information will give you all the knowledge about QR codes that you need to use them.

What is a QR codes?

Quick Response codes or QR codesare a type of matrix-barcode or 2 dimensional barcode (an optical symbol that is machine readable and includes all the data related to the object to which it is attached to) that was first designed for the automotive industry in Japan. It gained its popularity due to its fast readability and more storage capacity as compared to the normal Barcodes.

How can I get information from QR codes?

QR code contains black square dots that are arranged in square framework with white background. They can be read by an imaging device like scanner, camera, smartphones, tablet etc. One needs to download an application that can read QR codes like Barcode Reader or Google Goggles. After scanning the QR codes from these apps, the required data will be extracted within seconds.


What is the scope of QR codes?

After becoming a big thing in Japan and in the East, they are getting popular in West too. You may have seen QR codes on various products and soon this technology will capture the market due to its feature of quick readability. Soon enough these barcodes will be used as billboard advertisements, packaging of the product, displays of the shops, even on websites and in emails.

Storage Capacity of QR code

As QR codes have 2D barcodes, it has data stored in both the directions, it increases its storage capacity and one can get detailed information of the product that too just with one scan. Where a standard barcode can store maximum 30 numbers, QR codes have a massive capacity of storing 7089 numbers.

QR Codes for Marketing

In marketing Sector, QR codes can be proved very beneficial as there is no limit with QR codes. QR codes can be placed almost anywhere on website, TV and even can be printed on newspaper, brochures, business cards, magazines, etc. one can generate the QR code for all the information of the product and use that QR Code instead of showing detailed specs of the product. One can also use these QR codes as marketing strategies for their clients. They can offer something unique and special to their regular customers.

How to make QR codes?

At first, one needs to decide the purpose of QR code and as per that need many websites are available that works as a QR code generator. One can use HTML Code, PNG file, Tiff file, SVG, and EPS file formats while creating a QR codes.

QR codes seem to have a major impact in marketing and promotional strategies as we all have handy scanner i.e. our smartphones with us all the time. Use of QR codes is convenient for both the parties. And as it consume less resources that were needed before for providing complete information about the product, it is economical too