Mosquitoes are considered one of the most dangerous insects. Its bite may transmit and bring diseases. Besides, that it is itchy and irritating. You may also acquire mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, West Nile Virus, and Dengue Fever, among others. These diseases may pose danger to your health and may even lead to death if not treated.

In fact, about 7 million of people have died of insect bites. This includes the mosquito bite. So it is very important and essential that you keep the mosquito away from you and your place. One way to avoid them is to know their attractants. In this way you can prevent the mosquitoes to come near you.

Determining the Mosquito Attractants

How to Get Rid of Mosquito Bites
To avoid mosquito, you must keep yourself from its attractants. Among the mosquito attractants are the watery places, muddy puddles, and the moist plants. Most of the mosquitoes reproduce in these water places. So it is very essential that you keep your place dry especially the places inside your house. Moist plants must be dried and repair leaking pipes to avoid flooding in your house. Another mosquito attractant is when you are sweating or perspiring. The mosquitoes will come near you. For this reason you must always keep yourself dry and clean.

Mosquitoes also come near you when you are high Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentration. So you must keep your body from high (CO2). They also like to come near to those who are wearing dark clothes. It is advisable then that you wear clothes with light colors especially during rainy season wherein mosquitoes multiply much and very visible on that season. These mosquito attractants must be avoided. However there are also ways wherein you can keep yourself from mosquito bites.

How to Get Rid of Mosquito Bites

How to Get Rid of Mosquito Bites
Mosquito bites are very harmful. Besides avoiding the mosquito attractants there are also ways wherein you can prevent their bites. You may use mosquito repellents that can keep mosquito away and terminate them too. However if you are already bitten by the mosquitoes there are ways to get rid of itchiness, redness, and toxins. You may apply home remedies or over-the counter medication.

Using Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites

How to Get Rid of Mosquito Bites
There are home remedies that can reduce the itchiness of the bite of mosquitoes. You will need 3 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp water, ice, frozen vegetables, meat tenderizer powder, washcloth or towel.

For the baking soda just mix it with 1 tsp of water. It must reach the paste-like consistency. Then apply it to the bite of mosquito. This will reduce the itchiness of the bite.

Ice can relieve the redness and itchiness of the bite too. You can apply the ice using the commercial ice pack, towel or washcloth or a bag of frozen vegetables on the bite for 10 to 20 minutes.

The meat tenderizer powder can also be a remedy to the bite of mosquito. Just mix it with water so that it would be paste-like. Then apply it on the bite.

Another remedy that you can do is to press the bite with a hard object or you may use your fingernails to stop the itching for up to 10 seconds.

Other home remedies that you can do are the following steps that you can do to remove the itchiness and redness of the bite:

Once you were bitten by a mosquito wash it with soap and water and put a bit of alcohol on the bite. This will reduce the itchiness.

Apply Epson salts and mix it with water to make it paste-like. Apply it on the bite. And cover it hot washcloth for 10 minutes. You may also soak the bite on a tub of Epson salt bath for 30 minutes.

Apply essential oils such as Tea tree oil or lavender oil on the bite. Be careful as these oils are bee attractants, too. These essential oils can soothe the skin, inflammation and can reduce the size of the bite.

You may also use the peel of banana and apply it on the bite for 5 to 10 minutes. Rub the peel on the bite from time to time. This relieves and dries the skin fast.

Apply clean nail polish on the bite and dry it for 5 minutes. Afterwards you may peel the nail polish and reapply it again.

Apple organic cider vinegar can relieve the itchiness of the bite of mosquito. Apply the apple cider vinegar with warm water using a cotton ball for a minute then let it dry. You may also make it a paste-like by mixing the apple cider vinegar with corn flour. Apply it on the bite and afterwards wash it off with warm water. (source:

The Over-the Counter Medications for Mosquito Bites

How to Get Rid of Mosquito Bites
One of the effective over-the counter remedies for the bite of mosquitoes is the Calamine Lotion. It is a cold cream that can relieve the itchiness of the bite.

There are also anti-itching creams such as the antihistamine cream that you can apply on the bite. This will prevent you from scratching the bite. If the itching persists you may also take the anti-histamine syrup or tablets. Other anti-histamine you can use must contain ingredients such as chlorpheniramine maleate, diphenhydramine, cetirizidine or loratadine. Just follow the dosage of the cream. You may also use the Hydrocortisone (anti-itch) cream that can relieve the itchiness of the bite. These can be purchased at discount stores, grocery and over-the counter stores. There is also a video that you can watch on how to remedy the bites of mosquitoes.

This article aims to be of help for those who are seeking information on how to put remedy on the bites of mosquitoes that can harm your over-all health. It also tackles on how to prevent the mosquitoes to come near you. On the other hand, if you know more remedies to ease the itchiness and get rid of the toxins of mosquito bites you may give your insights or leave your comments on this website.