Everyone hates insects. They are abominable creatures that scare off everyone with their scary looking features. Although we have to concede to the fact that many of them are actually harmless, there is still something in them that scares people away. This is the reason why many people are trying to get rid of them. There is nothing wrong about it. It’s just that most people feel more confident without them.


How to Get Rid of Nats
One of the best examples of harmless insects that are definitely annoying is the nats or gnats. They are the insects that can be seen almost anywhere. They are as large as mosquitos and they also have blackish transparent wings. The differences lie in the facts that they are harmless and they can’t puncture through clothes like a mosquito can.

These one scan usually be seen in house plants and other places where they can find a good source of water and moisture like the sink and some parts where there are leaks. They can feed on fungi allowing them to have the name fungus gnats as a distinction between all the other species.

Getting Rid of the Gnats

How to Get Rid of Nats
People will always try to find ways in order to get rid of these pesky creatures. The good news is that there are so many ways to do so. These processes are also very cheap and they can be done anytime and anywhere in order to save the family from a lot of inconvenience and discomfort.

The Gnat Trap – this is the best solution to the question of how to get rid of nats. This is because it is so effective and it is very cheap. On top of it, you would not have to spend time making one because it is so easy and there are no chemicals involved.

These traps can be made by putting a good amount of apple cider vinegar inside a jar. Mason jars will work best because they are transparent allowing you to see the progress. After putting the vinegar, you have to cover it with the lead and puncture small holes in it to allow the gnats to come it and prevent them from coming out. Once the jar is filled, throw it away.

The logic behind it is actually very simple. Gnats love the smell of vinegar. Any vinegar will do but the best will always be the apple cider vinegar because of the taste. If you don’t have apple cider vinegar then add lemon juice or honey to the white vinegar. The cap will prevent the gnats from escaping the vinegar mixture.

Wine Trap – this might be a very abominable process for many of us alcohol lovers but we cannot deny that this process will definitely work. You have to pour in some wine into a small but deep glass like a shot glass or a wine glass. Pour in some soap and leave it on the place where there are a lot of gnats. The wine attracts that gnats and the soap will lock them in causing the gnats to fall straight towards the bottom of the glass. This can be done right after a party or in any other location as long as you have some wine to spare.

Insect Sprays – if you don’t want to waste some food just to get rid of these insects then the commercial insect spray will work for you. They are very much available in any store around town. Some family members might have some kind of allergy when it comes to these kinds of things so some of the manufacturers developed the non-toxic version of professional sprays. The only downside is that some insects get immune to a certain chemical once they are exposed to it.

Oil the Sinks – the sink is one of the best places to propagate gnats because of the presence of both moisture and algae. This is very suitable for them making the sink look stinker than it already is. The best way to solve this problem is by pouring vegetable oil into the sink. The oil will serve as a trap which will drag the gnats down to the sinks. The oil will also prevent any algae from growing preventing the propagation of gnats.

Ammonia – by pouring ammonia into the sink after pouring in some oil will bring about the best results. The oil will just trap and flush out the living gnats but the ammonia will prevent the eggs from hatching. This will also prevent the algae from propagating. Leave the ammonia for some time and the sink is free.

You might want to battle against ammonia because of its effects to the body. On top of that, it smells really bad. The best thing to do is to add baking soda after pouring in the ammonia. This will cause some sizzle but it will remove the foul smell.

Dealing with the Plants – plants are also good places to propagate a gnat. This is because of the high moisture content of the soil and the availability of water and food. To solve the problem you should try to dehydrate the plant. Once you see the tip edges dying out start watering them again. If that does not work you might have to replant the plant. This process will definitely remove the eggs.

Remove the Food Supply – gnat feeds on leftovers and anything that can be eaten. This means that they can keep coming around and pose problems. The best way to prevent this is to keep the kitchen clean to clean the gardens especially potted plants.

These things might be harmful but we should understand that there are a lot of people who give a big deal out of these cute little insects. The best thing to do is to prevent them from coming back using one of the methods above.

There are a lot of other ways in order get rid of these insects and feel free to browse them all. You can also leave comments and suggestions for us to make things a little bit better.