Good smooth and silky hair is universally accepted as an indicator of feminine beauty and grace. However good smooth and silky hair continues to be a mirage for generations of women from all class and national backgrounds. For all the new hairstyling products that they experiment with women all over the world still face systemic and structural deficiencies when it comes to the care of their hair. Every woman desires to have richer and thicker hair. Thicker hair is healthier and better looking, and offers more options for further styling and customisation.


Thicker hair is less likelier to develop splits or breakages. The naturally nourishing oils produces by hair are significantly more voluminous in the case of thicker hair. Thicker hair is a, extremely credible, and a widely accepted signal of prosperity and personal contentment. Very often hair-fall in women coincides with periods of personal difficulties or stress. Thus the health and thickness of your hair can also be a barometer of your general level of well being, indicating potential deviations and issues relating to your mental and physical health. The association between general physical health and the health of your hair is stronger with increasing age. Women with thicker and healthier hair, are generally observed to have longer and healthier lives enabling them to fulfil their personal goals, dreams and ambitions that they otherwise could not have.

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One of the common afflictions that affect the health and beauty of the hair is that of split ends. Split ends is a condition wherein the ends of the hair start splitting. These splits may run extremely deep resulting in brittle and sensitive and rough hair that breaks off or falls off easily. Hair fall has strong association with split ends, with hair that suffers from splitting being more likely to suffer from aggravated and particularly acute hair-fall and hair-loss. The following are a couple of helpful suggestions that can help you deal successfully with the menace and threat caused by split ends. Be sure to pass on any tips that you find effective to your friends, family and close relatives who may be facing difficulties along similar lines on account of split ends.

  1. Applying egg yolk

The use of egg yolks is an extremely popular and common method for ensuring the health of hair. Egg contains albumen which helps to nourish and strengthen the hair from its scalp to the roots. Egg white is also rich in vitamins and minerals that further help to nourish and flourish the hair.

  1. A mixture of papaya and yoghurt

Papaya and yoghurt combine to form a very potent and nourishing mixture that can help to prevent and mitigate the effects of split ends.

  1. Castor Oil

Massaging the hair with castor oil helps to prevent the onset of split ends in hair. The oil must be kept on for about 30 minutes after which it may be washed off.