With all new definition of marketing and branding, and integration of digital marketing with the conventional techniques, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has a vital role to play in your promotional strategies.

SEO is an organic or a natural way of appearing in the top results of the search engines as per the query entered by the users. For example, if you are a baker and some user searched for fresh breads around that area, your result appears in the top results of the search engine. To appear in the top 10 results of any search engine, there are certain techniques through which a promoter/seller can appear in the top 10 results. These techniques are optimizing the search results. Hence, the term Search Engine Optimization or SEO! Search engines like Google and Bing inculcate analytics, which provide the information about the web search queries (entered by the users). SEO techniques affect the visibility of the website of the promoter in the search results as per the queries entered by the users. Search engines use their complicated algorithms with which websites users search for.

Keywords: the most important part of SEO for any merchant or promoter, are the phrases or the queries entered by the users in the search engines. The search results are highly contextualized in nature and show the results as per your locations. So, by editing the content of your website and adding the relevant keywords searched by the targeted audience is one of the techniques of SEO.


There are several other techniques like getting indexed with the search engine, cross linking: placing the links of the more important page in the other pages of the same website, which increases the visibility, editing and adding the relevant terms or keywords in page’s meta data in title and meta description. All these activities improve the visibility over the search engines and place your website in the top results of the Search Engine top results. Editing and constantly updating the content and website gives an additional advantage during the search results of a particular website.

Apart from all these ethical techniques, which are called as “white hat” techniques, there are other techniques that are unethical and are called as “black hat” techniques. These techniques are ones, which search engines don’t approve of. Activities such as stuffing unnecessary keywords, hiding texts (by using the same color as of background) are the examples of the black hat SEO activities. Other techniques like cloaking, where the content presented to the spiders of the search engine is different from the one shown to the browser.

Search Engines take a very strong action against the promoters who make use of these black hat techniques by blacklisting their websites or permanently blocking the website from appearing in even the search results. In 2012, Google launched a platform Google Penguin, which is used to punish and penalized the promoter who use the black hat techniques by manipulating the search results.