When you start your business, you probably will do a lot of research. You may have sought help from your friends or family, invested money, and gotten information from magazines, books and other available sources.  You invested in terms of time, money and your energy. But now what after you have established a big enterprise?

Starting a business can be easy but the difficult part is maintaining it. It is very important for a manager to manage his business in a way that it occupies a place in market. If talk in terms of profits, a business must be managed and organized well in order to earn profits. To own a successful business, you need a diverse range of skills.

Businessman Overwhelmed with Paperwork --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Businessman Overwhelmed with Paperwork — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Described below are the 10 ways to better manage your business:

  1. Communication skills: Communication is the essence of every business. A manager should regularly communicate with its subordinates and explain the work that is expected out of them. One must also try to emotionally connect with its employees so as to make them feel that their needs are taken care of. You must listen to their problems and also handle their grievances.
  2. Alertness: A business manager must be alert in terms of the market conditions to avail of the opportunities that come their way. Alertness about the market scenario will help a business manager to make wise and quick decisions thus increasing the profitability.
  3. Expansion: after having established a suitable base for your business, one must think of expanding its operations. Expansion would not only bring you more customers and profits, but it will also improve the goodwill and brand image of your company. Your company would be known by all.
  4. Expand to the internet: Internet is the new market today and digital marketing has replaced the traditional ways of marketing. Landing your website on search engine would bring more traffic. Internet will widen your market and also get more customers at global level.
  5. Corporate social responsibility: CSR is very crucial for businesses to exist today. The business exists within the society and it is very important for business to take care of the needs of the society. Providing them with goods and services is just not enough. You must take care of the social issues and entertain them such as ‘Sheeksha’ by P and G.
  6. Diversification: You must diversify your product or service line by selling a complementary good or service, teaching adult education and other classes or importing and exporting products and services. Diversifying is an excellent growth strategy.
  7. License product you have: Licensing your products can be an effective and low cost growth medium. It is low cost and also minimizes your risk. By licensing, you receive monies and royalties from continued sales or use of your brand name.
  8. Offer your business as a franchise: Offering your business as a franchise expands your business and you earn recognition. It will affect your goodwill and you will earn customers all over.
  9. Open another location: Choose your location which best suits your business. Opening another location would help you in cutting down costs because there would be a decrease in the transportation costs. Also, customers will feel that their needs are taken care of by making their shopping easy and accessible.
  10. Leadership and people management: Being the manager, understand the needs of your human resource because it makes one of the pillars of your business.