There is nothing as annoying as having a cold, except perhaps having a cold sore. It is important to understand that just like in case of the common cold, there is no cure for the treatment of cold sores. There are however methods to alleviate the condition and feel better. Cold sores are essentially small blisters that occur on the face , lips or genitals for people and is caused by a virus called the Herpes simplex virus. When treating cold sores, the primary important factor is to maintain personal hygiene at all times. This does not mean just washing yourself and your hands with care, but also using separate towels, personal items etc. If you have cold sores in the mouth keep your toothbrush, toiletries and also your lipstick apart from others.

Cold sores are quite contagious and some people may have the virus causing them but do not have symptoms. You need to be careful about what items you share with others. You can use a number of remedies to treat cold sores, the most effective treatments are those that are begun very early, when the sores start to tingle itself. You should be careful to use the right products, rather than experimenting with everything , in the hopes that it will go away. There are multiple topical creams available in the market along with pills to soothe the pain. These creams often contain an anaesthetic which numbs the pain experienced in order to provide relief.


People with cold sores can also consider alternative remedies like pure extract of vanilla which when applied gives relief from cold sores according to many users. Whether it  occurs frequently or not helps you determine if you have type 1 or type 2 of the cold sores virus. With type 1 there is frequent occurrence and more home remedies available. There are items like peppermint oil, which when applied on the lips also provides a soothing balm like sensation to help with treatment of the cold sores. Moreover, other substances are also available from treatment. This includes substances such as ice packs which helps with the condition and soothes the blisters and itch when applied early on.

Another means to treat cold sores includes using a balm made of honey, lemon and mint leaf on the lips. All of these substances taken in equal quantities to make a home made tincture can be applied regularly, multiple times on the lips, face etc to get relief from the cold sore. The best treatment of cold sores is still debated depending on what works best for people. Sometimes, people are more stressed out and this trigger makes the medications used less effective. So it is vital to get ample rest, relaxation and find ways to sleep and eat well despite the hectic schedules you have. A situation where the cold sores keep relapsing and you do not get relief from any remedies must be immediately discussed with your dermatologist. Be sure to keep the skin well moisturised, as it helps better in healing the scabs formed when the cold sores burst, and helps in the healing process being quicker.