Cold sores the most skin common disease, isa communicable disease. Nine out of ten people are carrying HSV (herpes simplex virus), which is responsible for these breakouts, full ofclear fluid mixed with blood. HSV is transferred viacoming in a direct contact with the infected individual. A tingling sensation that appears like a zit at first, but it blisters and opened up and givesunpleasant bearings to deal with.

Once the virus enters in your body, there is no cure for that. It stays in the host’s body at the dormant stage and get triggered from time to time which leads to blisters. Elements that alarm HSV include, changing weather conditions, stress, mensuration period, other infections, fever, tooth extraction, and certain drugs or even when you are sunburnt. In many of the cases, reasons for Cold sores are unpredictable.


At times, few food products are also a reason to cold sore.  Food that is rich in Arginine (like chocolate, cola, beer and nuts) and Acidic food (like crisps, lemon, spices, and other high alkaline-acid food) will aggravate your cold sores. One should also avoid fruit juices, sea vegetables. One must include food that’s rich in lysine. Dairy products, potatoes, legumes, meat, parmesan cheese, fish like cod and sardines, nuts, soybeans, eggs, spirulina, fenugreek seeds, and brewer’s yeast are the good and easily available source of Lysine. Cold sores can also get triggered by allergies from some food products. So keep a proper track and find out what food products are causing it.

Cold sores are really contagious. It can also be spread by sharing cups, utensils, cosmetics, shaving razors or towels of the infected person. Even if you touch your cold sore and then your eye, there are chances of blisters shows up on your eyeball.

HSV is sexually transmitted diseases. If your partner is suffering from cold sore it can be transmitted while having sex or even at the time of oral sex (from genital to mouth or vice-versa).

Virus enters in your skin and waits for the opportunity when your immunity system compromises or gets busy with something else. That’s the reason people like infants, or who are surviving cancer, HIV/AIDS, or eczema need to be more careful because cold sore infection can be life-threatening for them.

Cold sore infection can also be transmitted from mother to child while pregnancy or while feeding/ usual contact. So it’s important for mothers to avoid coming into the contact with infected body fluids. And, also be careful towards your new born as they are most prone to the infection. Avoid bringing your infant to the public places as you have no idea about the gathering they are in.

So remember to take precautions to protect yourself as well as others from encountering the virus.

Try to know what triggersthe virus andavoid the reasons for cold sore.