1. Clean all pet bedding

The first step in all activities focussing on cleaning a house or property of fleas is to clean all pet bedding or any cloth item that may be commonly for lying or sleeping used by the pets commonly. These items of bedding are commonly breeding grounds for these beetles and are frequently the sites of large beetle based colonies and such. Cleaning all bedding in the washing machine and later using the dryer to dry them for about 15-20 minutes can help to kill adult beetles along with larvae and eggs.

  1. Vacuum the whole house down

Beetles usually locate their colonies and lay their eggs in regions of the house that are usually damp or not exposed to sunlight. Before cleaning the carpets, salt, borax or baking soda must be sprinkled under the carpets. These salts have the property to absorb moisture from the surrounding air. The absorption dry out of moisture will cause the flea eggs to dry out, thereby killing the larvae and eggs hidden deep inside the carpet. After the vacuum is completed, the debris must be collected and disposed in an air-sealed bag, so that the beetles and other insects that are still alive may not crawl back into the house to lay eggs and to start new colonies.


  1. Install dehumidifiers

Beetles usually lay eggs and start their colonies in region that are damp, humid and away from sunlight. Install dehumidifiers that absorbs and removes all the water in a room helps to kill adult beetles and larvae, and to stop the eggs from hatching, as beetles require moisture to grow and to hatch their eggs.