The usual advice that concerns with dark spots involves the application of the hydroquinone solution into the face. However, in the past few years, reports about the dreadful side-effects of the solution rung the silent bells of conscious parties. To the highest extent, many believed that skin cancer is a very close consequence if you continue using the hydroquinone. Thus, more and more alternatives, particularly the organic ones, are starting to be thought of and endorsed by the newly-enlightened skin comforters.
Dark spots resemble the collective dust particles in the surface of the face mask. You may be interested why dark spots usually appear in the face: that is because the face mask’s skin is 10 times more sensitive than any other ski areas in the body. Since dirt and other external factors pollute outer epidermal area of face’s skin, natural rejuvenation process for the cell occurs. With this at hand, old skin is replaced with a new one. However, the cell components that are left out during the process are trapped in the inner and outer epidermal layers wherein they conveniently harden and form into dark spots. The cells are what make up complexion of the facial surface. (source:

The cells have varied brightness or opulence. Nevertheless, what determines each one’s characteristics is the thickness of the pigment melanin the cells contain. The natural process of the facial rejuvenation involves the production of pigment by specialized cells in the deepest parts of the skin’s layers.

Thereof, the newly produced cells are transported by the dendrites to the new epidermal layer in the skin. The functionality of each skin component help augments the chances of new skin layering process. The best thing that you can expect upon is to have healthy melanin complexions so that it ends up an entire picture with fine, smooth and even-colored skin surface.

  • A very practical tip for assuring this consequence is to maintain Vitamin E. The Vitamin E, for the record, enrich he melanin pigments into stellar-pure skin complexion. Nonetheless, Vitamin balances out the production of oil in your face so that you will not appear too oily or too dry in the big picture.
  • The melanin quality of the skin cells vary due to external factors. The external factors can be anything that is pollutant from cigarette smoke, UV rays, vehicle smokes, dust, etc. To counter these harmful factors, you must, at the least effort avoid being exposed to such.
  • When you notice that you are under the process of natural skin rejuvenation, make sure to stay away from too much exposure to sunlight. If you allow the intense absorption of sun’s heat in your skin, the tendency would be an over-burnt skin cells. The skin cells are very soft gels that fill the composing layers in your facial mask’s skin.
  • You may consider maintaining high-protein foods to lighten up the melanin in your skin cell so that, at least, the complexion can turn light brown.
  • Organic elements/supplements can help a lot in quickening up the process of skin rejuvenation.

A very popular skin herb is called the Functional Keratin

how to get rid of dark spots

  • A Functional Keratin is a protein solution that provides high antioxidants for an all-ease rejuvenation of skin cells in your face. More so, the high concentration of protein found within the Functional Keratin was discovered by researches to have played a great role in how to get rid of dark spots. Through the Keratin, the epidermis layers become tender bearers of nutrients and other melanin sources. More or less, the functional keratin smoothens any burnt melanin elements into new ones.
  • The Extra-Pone Nut Grass is another organic solution that gives out sufficient melanin sources. What is good about the Nut-Pone Grass is that it is purely made from vegetable extracts. More so, it inhibits melanin mass in your skin without causing much irritation and disturbances.

Since the banning of the hydroquinone product, a number of expert researches are looking for another hundred life-changing organic products that could supplement the conventional impact of the hydroquinone. The market nowadays are also tapping expert dermatologists from Europe and America in order to come up with more solutions that could supersede benefits offered by the Functional Keratin and Nut-Pone Grass.

Whatever the circumstances are, dark spots are easily removed by the cream. Even at a single application, an organic cream that resembles the optimum ingredients of the Keratin and Nut-Pone Grass.  Dark spots are nevertheless, the indirect communicators of stress. By the looks of it, the dark spots are the candid voices that are rather seen than heard. These indications remind you that a life full of vices and sleepless nights can ultimately crease out some parts of your facial mask. In addition to all of these, dark spots are the consequence of an abused facial mask/skin. When dark spots remain unmanaged, they preferably remain latched onto your skin cells until such time that these become permanent.

Stress is also an active factor for increasing dark spots in your face’s skin. If you haven’t noticed, dark spots accordingly worsen into a freckle. Once a freckle is formed in your face, you are then close to the call of being aged. Thus, stress ages a person faster than what his/her age is supposed to project. Besides vices, pollution and indifference in your part towards yourself, your facial make can presumptuously come to a point wherein it gets to have so many dark spots.

Be very conscious about psychological threat dark spots inhibit. If you will not be noticing it right now, you will eventually notice soon. Thus, the time will come that you will suddenly grapple with the feeling of inferiority and frustration. Although dark spots are very tiny de-coloration specks in your skin, they still however affect your emotions one way or another.

Dark spots as their color are, can break the soul if left unchecked. Why? It is because they have the potential to grow in numbers. Like a disease in the body, dark spots are highly contagious. So, what are you waiting now, contact the best face meds for a clean and beautiful face in the future. (source:

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