To cure or eliminate the dark-colored presence of bruises in your skin, you will have to be informed on what forms them as they are. One relevant thing you have to know about bruises is that they are broken blood vessels on your skin’s surface. When blood vessels lose the essence of a freshly-pumped element, it loses grip of oxygen within it.

Since the blood vessels, without a doubt, are the major causes of skin colorization. As a direct result, we always tend to see the immediate discoloration when the blood vessels break, die out or clot. The clotting of the damaged vessels occurs when the vessels lose of oxygen. Now, even when clots fade away, the dark colors remain attached to the skin. These dark colors are now the bruises.

How to get rid of bruises with the four basic methods:

how to get rid of bruises

  1. Cold Compress. Applying cold compress on the deadened portion of the body helps alleviate the pain brought about by bruises. Nevertheless, it also removes the dark coloration in no time. If you immediately apply cold sensation to the portion, you quicken the process of healing. With the damaged veins all eased out, you will get the result of a clean and spot-free skin without much hassle.
  1. Skin Concealer. Concealers come in many types. There are what we call the light shades and dark shades concealer. The light concealers are for those who have fair skin and the dark concealers are for those who have shady complexions. All you have to do is to apply a generous portion of the concealer to the affected area. Whilst, you ought to keep in mind that the concealer does not, in any way, alleviate or cure the effects of bruises to your skin. Hence, it only serves as a temporary cover for unwanted spots.
  1. Protective Clothing. This kind of method is the most practical of the four. It does not require you to spend for another healing periphery. Suppose you have doubts in applying any ointments for the anticipation of adverse effects. All you have to do is look back into your old drawers and rummage whatever long sleeve types of clothing you can find. For the best fashion blend, you can choose the darker shades of sleeves to emphasize your white complexion and vice versa. You may not have to worry about not sufficiently covering your spots since the cloth per se, whether dark or light, is a solid visual blockage.
  1. Avoid Aspirins. The mealy aspirins, particularly, lessen your red blood count when taken frequently. When you’re red blood count lessens, you are now more vulnerable to bruises and skin discoloration. If you have fever-related pains, you can have tea as an alternative medicine. Alternative medicines nowadays have helped a lot of people in surprising ways. That is one reason why many are already shifting their sites to herb medication all together.

Having bruises in the body is a very uncomfortable sight. It does not only raise concerns from the people around you, it also covers your real beauty. The effects of bruises can be deterring both mentally and physically. (source:—4-Ways-to-Get-Rid-of-Bruises&id=1044811)

As part of the genuine discussion of bruises, let us look into the internal presuppositions that are found within the two most fundamental stress points for having bruises:

  1. Mental Stress
  • Social Unease. To better explain this, let us show you a scenario. Suppose you are a healthy person and suddenly you become stunned by the grisly image of large black spots on your skin. Presuming that your only knowledge of the cause of the bruises is the sole contact of strong force/blow into your body. Thus, you will tend to take it for granted since you could not piece the puzzle together.

However, your friends and family will start to notice the bruises on your skin and, under normal circumstances, will speculate scenarios for you. With the growing commotion at hand, stress will now start to manifest in your and your friends’/families’ aura. Henceforth, the drama is pushed through by stress which serves as the weaver of a sinister plot, subduing your body towards an unthinkable doom. These circumstances apply so very well to the discovery of lumps in the body.

With the same weight of worry and stress eventually manifesting in the body, there is no doubt that cancer and death becomes the ultimate result. And so, do you know see the effects of social unease to your body? To avoid such bitter fate, consult doctors immediately every time you notice bruises in your body and, never ever overanalyze the situation.

  • Energy Field Decomposition. As what expert Buddhists say- “You are what you think”, there is more to life than what you know of. The logical implications of the famous quote are that worries and stress eventually causes to degrade your higher chakra. Seeing lots of bruises in the body can be very stressing, especially when you are not aware of the potent agents. Like the usual outputs of negative manifestations, your energy field weakens leading to physical weakening of the body.
  1. Physical Stress

Physical stress is any effects or illnesses that can be seen and felt. The diseases and illnesses caused by your overanalyzing of the bruises are the intricate consequence of the mind.  Moreover, physical stress can either be the cause of the consequence. No matter how much we hide it, the bruises will always tend to appear. Needless to say, you cannot just keep on covering the bruises in your skin. The best way to do is to deal with it and get rid of it for good.

After going through this article, you ought to stop thinking and start doing. With the four main methods of getting rid of bruises, you are good to go. Discover what you can do to better your lifestyle while you totally remove all bruises in your body. With related phenomena like blood clotting, anemia and other discoloration factors, you ought to hope for the best on applying the recommended solutions at hand.

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