Diarrhoea is a physical condition wherein the stool becomes loose and watery for a prolonged period of time. It is usually characterised by frequent visits to the toilet and water-like liquidly stool. The stool may also smell pungent as compared to regular stool. Diarrhoea is often caused when a large quantity of food and beverages that is consumed is passed quickly through your colon, often without proper digestion. Diarrhoea usually lasts for several hours to a couple of days, however in acute cases of food poisoning and such diarrhoea may last for several days or weeks. While the symptoms of diarrhoea may vary from person to person, and in differing intensities, several common remedies to obtain relief from diarrhoea are available. Following is a list of common remedies for  diarrhoea that can be used with much benefit.


  1. Use of medications

If your onset of diarrhoea is particularly acute or strenuous, you must consider using medication to seek relief from the diarrhoea. Commonly used medications include bismuth subsalicyate and loperamide. These medications help to offer relief to your stomach and colon by offering to cleanse them and soother them. These medications usually work by regulating the pH value of the stomach ensuring that a well balacned chemical environment is present in the stomach. These medications are commonly available at all neighbourhood drug-stores. However it must be ensured that the dosages taken are within prescribed lines and limits. Overuse of drugs must be avoided as it may create dependency for your bodily system and your digestive tract, resulting in weakened and over-sensitive gastrointestinal tract.

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  1. Consume Ginger and Honey

Ginger is a popularly used natural alternative to treat diarrhoea and to obtainr elief from abdominal cramps and pains. Ginger has strong properties that help to soothe and regulate irritated bowels which cause diarrhoea. Consuming a mixture of ginger and honey that is ground together helps to release gastric juices and to improve digestion. The release of gastric juices is stimulated through the release of unique hormones and chemical that are released as a result of the consumption of ginger and honey. Honey also acts as an anti-sceptic component in the stomach helping it to cleanse it of unfavourable food material. Ginger is often had in the form of ginger tea, which is had usually with honey to sweeten it.


  1. Consume probiotics

Probiotics are a great idea to obtain relief from diarrhoea. Probiotics such as curd and yoghurt help to fight the germs in the digestive tract. Probiotic foodstuff contain healthy bacteria that help to oxidise the food materials thereby preventing the action of harmful and unhealthy germs on the said foodstuff. Probiotic supplements can be obtained at nearby drug-stores or even online. Other sources of probiotic bacteria include cheese and yoghurt.


  1. Follow a simple diet

A simple diet usually limited to bananas, rice, applesauce , tea and toast helps a great deal to obtain relief from diarrhoea. This diet contains simple sugars that can be decomposed easily to glucose which provides your body the necessary energy and little to no acidity. This diet helps to soothe the intestines and to alleviate the symptoms of diarrhoea.